Civil Ceremonies

Manor Hill House is licensed as a venue for Civil Marriages and Civil Partnerships. To hold a ceremony at Manor Hill there is a charge of £350. The earliest time for a ceremony at Manor Hill is 2.00pm - unless we have agreed otherwise.

Ceremony Rooms

Summer Room Only up to 66 guests
Drawing Room Only up to 100 guests
Drawing Room with additional guests in the Summer Room up to 120 guests
Summer Room with additional guests in the Marquee up to 150 guests

Please note: the maximum numbers are inclusive of the two registrars, the photographer and any musicians present.

Can I Personalise My Wedding Ceremony?

Your civil marriage is a momentous occasion and we feel that it is important that you are able to create a ceremony that is very personal to yourselves. You can personalise your promises to each other and chose readings that are poignant to you. The registrars can also assist you by conducting your ceremony in the manner you would like, making it more formal or giving it a relaxed twist.

Worcestershire Registration Services now offer two new options, a Bespoke Service and an Enhanced Service which can help you to make your day even more personal.  With these services you can have more music, have your ceremony outside or include more readings and involvement from family and friends.

Alternatively you can enlist the services of a Celebrant who can plan a very personalised wedding ceremony with you.  Celebrants can not conduct legal ceremonies therefore the legal part of the service would have to take place seperately, however they can offer a far wider range of alternatives to your special moment.

Music can play an important part of your ceremony. You are welcome to arrange live performances whether classical strings, guitar or vocal. Alternatively, our recommended DJs will co-ordinate the playing of recorded music and if requested are happy to help in your selection. Civil Ceremonies typically last about half an hour.



How Do I Book My Civil Ceremony?

As soon as you have made your provisional booking with Manor Hill House we recommend that you contact Worcestershire Registration Services by going directly to their website where you will be able to book your ceremony online.  Alternatively you may like to telephone 01905 768181 to speak directly with a member of the registration team.

On occasion when booking your ceremony online you may find that the time you were hoping for is not available. Please do not panic but contact the team at Manor Hill House who will speak directly with the management team to achieve a successful outcome.




Church Weddings

Manor Hill House are happy to host your reception after your church wedding ceremony. We will ensure that everything is ready and waiting you and your wedding party's arrival.

In 2008 a law was passed that amended the Church of England’s qualifying criteria for couples who choose to get married in a church outside of their local parish.

For useful information on church weddings please see ‘your church wedding’ on the Church of England’s website:

There are many beautiful churches within a short drive of Manor Hill, if you would like to view a few suggestions please click the link below.

Same Sex Weddings

A same sex civil ceremony will be treated exactly the same as any other wedding by the registrars who visit Manor Hill House as well as by our team.  We welcome all couples and enjoy hosting all weddings.

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to work out the confusing elements of wedding tradition and how they apply to you.  We are experienced in planning weddings to follow as closely to tradition as possible or planning weddings which reinvent the wedding.

Because many same sex couples do not have gendered roles in the relationship there can be worries over who walks down the aisle, who gets given away and other elements of the cermony.

Our team will take your ideas and turn them into your day, whether that means you walk down the aisle together, one after the other, or just join the guests in the room as they are seated.