Access Statement - Manor Hill Weddings

Access statement

Access to the property

Manor Hill House is approached up a sweeping gravel drive with ample parking. Parking can be arranged within a few metres of the front door and there is external lighting. Assistance with luggage is happily given provided it is not ridiculously heavy!

The main entrance is reached up 3 steps of 150mm each with 370mm goings. There is a hand rail. There is a ramp available The glass entrance door is 850mm wide and has a 150mm step up into an enclosed entrance porch. There is an internal 800mm door with a further 130mm step up into the main house. There is an accessible toilet straight ahead. The entrance hall and dining room have polished walnut flooring. (An alternative entrance has a single 150mm step onto a 950mm landing with a further 150mm step through a glass door.) The Summer Room has a polished oak floor. The Morning Room and the Drawing Room are carpeted.

All internal doors are a minimum of 800mm and passageways a minimum of 1060mm.


Guest Area Access

Most of the guest areas are on the same floor with the bedrooms being approached down a single 160mm step out of the entrance hall and later down a further 2 steps of 120mm each with a 450mm going and a final step down of 120mm. There is subdued low level lighting in the passageway to these bedrooms. One bedroom is on a lower ground floor level approached down a single flight of 1100 mm wide stairs with 180mm risers and 250mm goings and a single hand rail. It has access directly into the garden.

Manor Hill House is our family home. The bedrooms and en suites are modern, light and spacious but without specific disability adaptation.

There is a disabled toilet suitable for male or female visitors with hand rails to the side of the toilet and the sink, adequate space for a wheelchair and a helper, and an emergency pull chord.

Please let us know if you have any special dietary or other requirements and we will try to assist.

Interior View
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