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Abi and Ewan

Abi and Ewan

Ewan is definitely the romantic one!

We were introduced by Emma, (who became our Maid of Honour) a good friend of Abi’s from school and a colleague of Ewan. We both told her not to set us up just because we both liked music...turns out, she did the right thing!

Ewan wanted to propose at the start of a big European tour we’d planned, and I warned him not to. So in the end he settled for arranging to go engagement ring shopping, and asking me right at the last minute.

Abi and Ewan walk into marquee

We actually only visited two venues after looking into pricing, which was our main limiting factor.

We knew we wanted somewhere with space for our 9-piece band, excellent food and service, and a really nice feel for our 80 guests.

When we stepped into Manor Hill we knew straight away it was for us, with such a homely feel and totally accessible for everybody.

The canapés definitely helped us know we’d chosen well.

Abi and Ewan and the band

Being in a wedding band, we attend hundreds of weddings (and never get tired of them). So, I had already collected loads of ideas of what worked well (and not so well).

The colour scheme came from Ewan’s kilt, a gift from his Glaswegian grandad soon after we got engaged.

Everything else went from there – place names on rocks gathered from our travels, lots of fairy lights like in our campervan and boat, flowers from my amazing friend Jonathan Young, hair by my fairy godmother Lynda Knott, and a surprise lot of confetti made from roses in my late Grandma’s garden. All so personal!

Abi and Ewan Marquee

For dress shopping I took mom, mother in law and one of my aunts into Worcester, knowing that I DEFINITELY didn’t want a train. They just get in the way.

My aunt’s jaw dropped when we found “the one”, as did all the others. I didn’t fall in love immediately, but I’m so glad I went back to it!

Mom persuaded me to keep the train, and again so glad I did. Of course it gets in the way, but when else will a girl get that chance!

Moss Bros helped us find an exact match of the tartan, so all the groomsmen went with the full highland regalia.


With a mix of vegetarians, pescatarians, vegans and “meat and two veg” just on the top table, we were worried about finding a menu to suit.

The food was incredible – salmon, vegan wellington, roast chicken, amazing roasties and lots of them.

People from each table said how lovely, and importantly, hot it was. Plus a lovely selection of canapés to suit everyone – with the vegans specifically catered for.

And everybody loved the idea of the cake of cheese – it looked amazing, and we enjoyed eating through the leftovers for the next couple of weeks. You can’t do that with cake!


Our own band, The Soul Department played and they were absolutely perfect as we knew they would be.

From playing our first dance live, interacting with the guests and keeping the dance floor full all night, we love them!

We got up to play a few numbers of course, if you can’t show off on your wedding day then when can you.

During the day we had the Giocoso Saxophone Quartet to play me down the aisle to Gabriel’s Oboe, and Jack Beacall on piano who came all the way from Chester to play for his old uni housemate’s wedding. He managed to get a bit of Bon Jovi into the register signing which Ewan loved.


One of the funniest moments was early on, when the Alexa live stream to Glasgow went down just before the vows.

Ewan’s dad stepped in to help, walking over my train! He’s completely forgiven, and I was just glad I kept it so that story could happen.

Advice to other couples? Our planning was totally stress free as we made a big list with all the costs right at the start, and kept to it. We knew what we needed, from who, by when and how much it was going to be. That really helped

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