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How to Choose the Right Photographer for Your Wedding

You have booked the venue and the date is all set, now its on to all of the exciting preparations that make the day perfect and perfectly yours.

One of the most important people you need to start looking for now is your wedding photographer.

Anyone can take a few pictures and there are loads of photographers out there right?

Well maybe, but not all of them is the right photographer for you and for the memories that you want to have from your day.


Every photographer will have lots of albums that you can look through to get an idea of their work and thats a great place to start. From here you can see the style of their pictures and get a feel for the images you want from your day. Remember, these are pictures you will look at for years to come, maybe even show your grandchildren one day.

Decide which pictures are important to you. Do you want the group shots with everyone there, pictures with your close families, friends and relatives, or are the photographs that show the two of you and your love what matters to you?

Is your photographer confident enough to organise your guests into that perfect heart shaped group shot without seeming too pushy?


One of the most important things to remember is that on your special day the photographer will be by your side most of the time, asking you to pose, telling you where to put your hand, how to angle your head, even when to kiss!

You need to both feel comfortable with them, you need to trust them and be willing to believe that standing at that weird angle and pulling a face that seems like you have smelt something unpleasant is actually going to bring stunning results, they know that because thats their job.

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So what are you looking for when you book your photographer?

  • Good quality images in a style you like
  • Somebody you feel relaxed with, who you smile easily with
  • A strong enough personality to organise your guests for that elusive group shot without upsetting anybody in the process
  • A photographer that knows the venue and the best places to take beautiful images
  • A professional who will respect your day and all of the things you want to do


Most importantly, you need to feel relaxed with your photographer, they need to be your best friend for the day!

But they also need to remember that you want to enjoy your day with your guests and not spend the whole time being pulled away for posed pictures. An experienced photographer will know how to draw that line.

Take a look at our recommended suppliers list or talk to our team about the photographers we have worked with.

And be prepared for your photographer to get up close and personal, they don't get the best shots by standing back and being shy!

And dont forget, each photogapher can only book one wedding on any given date, so book yours early so you dont miss out.

jenny and Joe in the field

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