Jenny and Joe - Manor Hill Weddings

Our Black Tie Event - by Jenny and Joe

We met in 2013 at the Jam House in Birmingham, we were both there with our friends but neither of us can remember who the artist was, we were obviously pre-occupied.

Jenny liked Joe straight away, apart form the belt he was wearing, which Joe had found in a hostel in Krakow. Jenny says that the belt was really bad, but it took her three months to tell Joe she hated it, and she then bought him a fake Armani belt in Turkey as a joke. He got the hint!

Joe liked the fact that Jenny was so opinionated right from the start. Joe has always been the more laid back one, a fact which got mentioned in all of the speeches on the big day.

Jenny and Jo by stable

Joe arranged a weekend full of surprises in London to pop the big question. Notoriously bad at keeping secrets, the weekend started with cancelled trains, blocked lines and huge delays making Joe panic as he had a table booked at the Shard for that evening. Joe proposed in the hotel room as Jenny had always said she didn't want a scene and of course she said yes.

The next day Joe had arranged for all of their family and friends to join them for a meal in an Italian restaurant in London, with the whole of the top floor booked out just for them. Now that's what we call a surprise!!

jenny and joe walk to the house

When it came to finding a venue Jenny and Joe had viewed about 6 places before they arrived at Manor Hill but they didn't like the old fashioned feel of the stately homes.

With the grounds, Jack the horse and the countryside around the house, then with the modern feel inside, they just knew it felt right, and the marquee sealed the deal

jenny and Joe in the field

Joe attends a lot of black tie corporate events and loved the idea of a black tie wedding.

With black and white lanterns and dressings the theme was set.

Jenny visited the Dressing Rooms in Halesowen for her dress and had tried on 10 when Della, the assistant said 'Wait there, I think I know the one you want'.

Jenny put it on and her and her mom knew instantly that it was the one.

The cake was made by Leanne Peacock who a friend recommended and the photographer was Andy Bird from With This Ring.

Jenny and Joe group shot

Jenny's sister Jade supplied one of the funniest moments, on the piano in sunglasses singing with the band Agent Jo.

For the most emotional moment it had to be when Jenny's dad walked into the bridal suite and saw her for the first time. He is normally very laid back but at that moment he definitely wasn't.

Seeing Joe for the first time Jenny says was 'pure joy'.

Joe's advice to other couples is to plan the photos you want in advance allowing yourself plenty of time to be with your guests.

Jenny's advice is to take time just for the two of you. The five minutes Manor Hill always give the couple alone in the sitting room were so special just to be together and take in the emotion of the day and the commitment you have just made.

Their biggest advise together is to make it your day.

Jenny and Joes first dance
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