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Our Experience of the Guides for Brides Customer Service Awards!

In January 2019, Manor Hill House received the most exciting news. We were finalists in the Guides for Brides Customer Service Awards within the category ‘Country Venue’. We had been up against hundreds of other stunning venues which had been whittled down to a final eight.

We were being judged on how many reviews we had received in the past year, the quality and content of those reviews in ratio to how many weddings we had hosted.

As a team, we asked all of our previous couples who had held their wedding here to leave us a review on the Guides for Brides website so we could achieve our goal. We were blown away by the level of response that we received from all of you. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each and every one of you for writing such lovely words about what you experienced at Manor Hill House.

The date of 28th March was released as the Awards Night. It was going to be held in the beautiful Bodleian Libraries in Oxford. We booked our tickets, we bought our dresses, we sent our meal confirmations. Excited would be an understatement.

On our drive down to Oxford, the four of us, were chatting away about what the night would be like, what we were wearing and how we were doing our hair. When we arrived in Oxford, we got ready, booked the taxi and off we went.

Upon arriving at the Weston Library, we were greeted by a glass of prosecco and a chance to have a professional photo done of the four of us. We, feeling glamorous and wonderful, jump at the chance for a photo. Which, I think you’ll agree, looks lovely.

We take our seats for the meal, which was cooked and served by the Oxford Fine Dining Company. For the vegetarians there was a Butternut squash tart with fried mushrooms and crème fraiche; and for the meat eaters Tamworth streaky bacon wrapped Cotswold white chicken with sweetcorn purée, potato rösti and chargrilled leeks. These were followed by delicious chocolate brownies accompanied by poached cherries.

After filling ourselves up with wonderful food, we made our way across the road to the spectacular Bodleian Library. What a beautiful place. For those who aren’t familiar with the Library, it is most famous for featuring in the Harry Potter films. The ceiling is incredible, and we all felt we had taken a step back in time. Or a step into Hogwarts.

“Now, it was time for the Award Ceremony to begin!” cries Professor Dumbledore. I jest. But it was time for the ceremony. The four of us sat there patiently and nervously waiting for the Country Venue category to be called out.

We have to admit, the other nominees and winners of all the other categories looked phenomenal. There were suits, sparkling dresses and wonderful shoes. We were all a good-looking bunch.

Manor Hill House weddings - Winner Nigel-Chapman-Photography-guides_for_brides_awards_event_photography-77.jpg

Then finally, our category is called out. We hear the words ‘Manor Hill House’ as a nominee and the four of us cheered in response.

“And, the winner is…


The crowd goes wild.

We graciously accept our award and have our photo taken; not quite believing that we have won.

This award means so much to us. Our work is our pride. Each of us love what we do here at Manor Hill House and our Customer Service is something we take very seriously.

We cannot thank each and every one of you enough. You have all helped us become the AWARD-WINNING VENUE that we have strived to be. Thank you so much for taking the time to vote for us and to leave us a review. Thank you so much for your weddings, your parties and events. Thank you for giving us the best experiences in the world. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special days, they mean the world to us.

Yours; always,

The Manor Hill House Team

Manor Hill House weddings Worcestershire country house wedding award winner igel-Chapman-Photography-guides_for_brides_awards_event_photography-184.jpg

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