Jodie and Calum - Manor Hill Weddings
The Best Wedding Ever

Calum and I started our journey in 2010, we worked together and to be honest at first I wasn’t a huge fan of Calum, however he won me over because now look at us happily married with 2 beautiful children and a lovely home.

The proposal was just after our first born Lily, we got home from the hospital and Calum popped the question, much to Lily’s disappointment as she burst into tears the second he got on one knee. Calum is most definitely the romantic one he’s always planning cute dinners and surprises, I’m not too far behind though.

mr and Mrs Best Sign

We always knew we wanted an exclusive wedding venue, something private and quiet. So Manor Hill House was the perfect location for us. We went to view a few venues before Manor Hill House, but we didn’t get “that feeling” when we left. Calum came across Manor Hill House and booked a viewing for us and we both fell in love instantly with the staff, the house & grounds it’s self.

We played it cool though and left the venue saying we would think about it but as soon as we both got in the car we just looked at each other with the biggest grins on our faces and said this is the one

Jodie and Calum with car

We didn’t have an official theme, but if I could give my wedding theme a name it would probably be pretty in pink as we just had dusky pink everything, from the flower arrangements to the bridesmaid dresses to even the underlay of my wedding dress.

We went for a white bouncy castle as we had 13 children attending our wedding, so keeping them entertained was our goal and that was just what it did, We even caught a few of the adults having a cheeky jump so it was a thumbs up all round. We also had a photo booth come in the evening along side with a DJ which was recommend to us by Manor Hill house, it was just the perfect amount of entertainment for our day.

Marquee ready for the Best wedding

THE PIZZAS!!!!! Normally brides forget to eat on there wedding day, but with Manor Hill House chefs it’s impossible. Their food is just incredible, to the point I went back for the left over pizzas at the end of the night before bed I just couldn’t resist.

We loved the idea of the host with the roast & so did our guests. Me and Calum love a roast dinner, it just wouldn’t have felt right if we didn’t have one on our wedding day. Manor Hill House even made Calum his favourite part of a roast (pigs in blankets) to make him feel like he was at home!!

Hpst with the Roast

The funniest / best moment has to go to the best man, his speech was great it had us in heaps of laughter and half the pictures he had we didn’t even know existed!!

Bride Jodie from Worcester laughing duirng speaches

A few different people actually told me to take my husband aside for a second and sit together as we take it all in (one of these people being the venue) so we did, we had a moment together in the quiet room to just have a moment to ourselves to digest we had just got married!!!!

It was lovely to just be alone for a few minutes and enjoy each others company on what is such a busy day.

Jodie and Calum in the the field
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