Visiting Chase Distillery - Manor Hill Weddings

Our Team Visit Chase Distillery

On the 13th April some of our team visited the Chase Distillery in Hereford.

Chase is a single estate distillery producing vodkas and gins made from potatoes or apples, and we are fortunate to be able to stock some of their lines.

The team also attended a cocktail masterclass at their sister hotel, the Verzon with Patrick one of their experts.

This was great fun, learning the skills of the trade and tips to bring back to Manor Hill .

Chase Disitllery selection

Some of the team tasted a selection of the vodkas produced by Chase, with two of our particular favourites being the marmalade and rhubarb vodka.

We then moved onto tasting the gins (it's a tough job we know). Elegant and GB were among the samples we tried and we enjoyed them all but these were our favourites.

Obviously we wanted to bring these flavours to our guests so we purchased a number of their products and now have a good selection on offer behind the bar.

It was a great day out and it is always good to support a local business.

To find out more about Chase Distillery visit

Chase Distillery Gin and Vodka
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