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Marquee Wedding Styling Inspiration

Dressing up your marquee on your special day

Are you planning your wedding but unsure where to start with the marquee? Or wanting to make sure you achieve that WOW factor? Then look no further!

At Manor Hill House located in North Worcestershire our ivory style cloth and neutral carpet is the perfect blank canvas for you to express your unique style and personality.

Our charming private marquee can hold up to 150 guests for a sit down meal. However, for those with larger guest lists, our exclusive use venue can hold more throughout the house!

The sides of the marquee are clear, opening up your venue to our stunning rural countryside and sunshine.

Image by Tamar Hope,

Marquee 1.JPG

However, it is important to note this is not your only option! The sides are adaptable meaning the marquee is tailored to your weather on your special day.

For scorching hot days, the sides can be lifted to allow an airy summer breeze into the marquee during your day to keep your guests at a perfect temperature.

On those not so warm days and for cooler evenings a duvet can be inserted to retain a comfortable temperature for all .

Image by Phillip Dignum,

Marquee 2.jpg

If your guests list is smaller but still want to use the marquee, don’t worry! Our award winning team are able to insert a partition reducing the space to ensure you get that practicality but also cosy effect.

And our marquee’s potential does not stop there! It is also the perfect setting for your evening entertainment with our elegant white dancefloor. From your DJ with your disco classics to your stylish jazz band, there is no doubt the atmosphere will be dazzling!

The elevated roof allows for the option of fairy lights, lanterns or bunting to be hung gracefully from the ceiling. These are simple yet great additions to dressing up your marquee!

Image by Samuel Legge,

Marquee 3.JPG

However, if you’re not considering this much detail our gorgeous chandeliers will not fail to catch your guests attention.

Manor Hill has extensive options to take our marquee to the next level for that beautiful setting you’ve always dreamed off for you and your guests on your wedding day.

Our LOVE letters and flower wall are glamorous additions. Whether you’re looking for a photogenic backdrop behind where your sat or simply wanting to amaze guests as they enter the marquee for your wedding breakfast, these are the perfect addition!

Image by Samuel Legge,

Marquee 4.JPG

If you’re more interested on the attention to detail we offer a vast amount of different coloured and patterned sashes. These can be styled, combined and accessorised to your design!

And don’t forget our uplighters, with many different colour settings, are great illuminators to get that party feel.

Image by Stuart Myers,

Marquee 5.JPG

The finishing touches will ensure that you have a wedding that’s as unique as you.

If you have any other fascinating visions don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss your options! They will be very helpful to make your dreams happen at Manor Hill House!

Image by Tamar Hope,

Marquee 6.JPG
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