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New Finishing Touches Look whats new at Manor Hill

We've Got the Perfect Finishing Touches for Your Wedding

We have been very busy buying and designing lots of new additions for you to take advantage of when you have your wedding at Manor Hill.

After all why have to search for suppliers, have extra meetings and arrange for things to be delivered when we can make things easier for you.

Our new ice cream/multi use bike can be hired at a very affordable cost and definitely adds something a little bit different to your day.

Don't want ice cream? Don't worry, we thought of that!!

We can adapt the bike to be used for pimms, cocktails or other drinks. Or maybe you have another idea, just ask.

Drinks cart

We loved it when couples had a flower wall brought in for their special day, but it was always another added item to arrange..

So we spoke to Tanya at Bluebells Flowers and started work on our own design.

We took measurements, worked out how many flowers we would need, and Tanya went to work. The result is amazing.

Whether you want to use it as a backdrop for your entry to the ceremony room, for taking special pictures indoors, or just for a little added extra, the flower wall looks amazing.

Jo kindly stood in front of it for this picture so you could see how big it is....thanks Jo.

Jo and the flower wall

Did we mention our Love Letters?

The team at Manor Hill are used to illuminated Love Letters being brought in, some of higher quality than others, and we hate to see a couples disappointment if they aren't as good as they expected when they arrive on the day.

So this time we spoke to Alan (he is the man in charge of building lots of new things we have at Manor Hill, from the new bar to the new hand rails by the front door) but it's the first time he had been asked to build Love Letters.

Our new Love Letters are now available to hire and are as pretty as they are sturdy, so you never have to worry again.

Love letters and flower wall

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