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St Michael and All Angels Tower Appeal

On Sunday 23rd July we held a Pimms and BBQ event to raise funds for the Stoke Prior Tower Appeal.

The appeal was launched after experts declared that the ramparts on the tower at St Michael and All Angels Church in Stoke Prior are in dire need of structural repair, which could cost as much as £150,000.

The grade one listed sandstone building dates back to the 12th century, but only the tower and nave survive from that time, with other sections being rebuilt in the 13th and 14th centuries.

It was restored in the 1800s by Droitwich entrepreneur John Corbett, known as the ‘Salt King’, who is buried on the site, and the 40 foot tower, with its additional broached spire is a local landmark.

Architects have visited the building to assess the damage and reported wide open joints between many of the stone blocks, which could be in danger of collapse, and further damage where the unprotected stones have fallen out of alignment with one another.

The spire has been targeted over the years by woodpeckers which have damaged the shingles, leaving a number of holes, while plants are growing out of several of the holes.

To see such a beautiful church fall into disrepair would be devestating and we want you to help us to help them.

The day was a huge success and if you wish to make any further donations please contact Christine Huzzey on 01527 831706 or email

St Michaels Church Tower
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