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Wedding Decoration Hire: The Finishing Touch for Your Special Day

Decorating the venue is an exciting part of planning your wedding. When you have chosen your theme and colour scheme you can start to think about how you would like to transform the rooms and how much or how little you would like to add.

The marquee and reception rooms look simple and stylish as they are or can be a blank canvas for you to start from.

Whether you want to add just a few splashes of colour in the form of centre pieces, or you want to add chair sashes, table runners, lanterns, uplighters, LOVE letters and a flower wall, we can help you turn your ideas into reality.

We can also offer an ice cream trike, polaroid camera and props, or a pimp your prosecco option.

Chair Sashes, Hoods and Table Runners

We don't just have chair sashes available in lots of colours, we have them in many shades of those colours too.

Are you after a baby pink, a deep purple, a sky blue or a chocolate brown? Bring in a picture or a sample of the colour you are using for your theme and we will try our very best to match our sashes for you.

You may want to alternate colours, use two colours on a chair, or even have a rainbow of colours around the room. We can use a simple bow or a bow and a broach, and we can even match the table runners too.

We also have lace hoods available in ivory or in white, perfect for a vintage theme, a winter wedding or an elegant event.

Our talented team will have the room dressed with your choices ready for you to add the remainder of your decorations.

Table with sunflowers

Marquee Lanterns

The height of our stylish marquee lets in lots of natural light and our chandeliers make sure that there is still plenty of light when the sun sets.

If you want to add more decoration then lanterns are the perfect choice.

We can offer a range of colours and sizes in subtle shades or in bright hues, or why not mix them up to give a contemporary look.

Marquee Jodie and Callum.jpg

Light Up LOVE Letters and Flower Wall

Everybody knows how important love is, it is all around us, it makes the world go round and we would do anything for it (to name just 3 of the most famous statements about love).

However, it never hurts to remind people and what greater way to do that, and to add a bit of sparkle to the day, than by hiring our Love letters.

Hand made especially for Manor Hill with 39 light bulbs they make a great extra and can also be a fabulous prop for your photographs.

Our flower wall was designed by our own team with the help of the wonderful Tanya at Bluebells Florists. Very popular as a background for pictures, behind the bride and groom during speeches or just to look pretty, it is a fabulous addition to the day.

Love letters and Flower wall.jpg

Ice Cream Trike

Do you fancy ice cream on the lawns at your summer wedding? Keep everyone refreshed by hiring our ice cream trike, choosing your favourite flavours and adding a few sprinkles.

Our luxury ice cream is supplied by Churchfields Farmhouse and can be served in vintage tea cups or in cones with a great choice of toppings.

Or maybe you like the trike but not the idea of ice cream? We can adapt the trike to use for drinks or you may have other ideas you would like to discuss with us, we are always happy to listen and learn.

Ice cream cart.jpg

Pimp Your Prosecco

Everybody loves a glass of fizz at a wedding to toast the bride and groom, but why not make yours a little bit different.

With the addition of our Pimp Your Prosecco stand your guests can add a little extra to their glass with a choice of flavours or liquers.

Guests will be given a glass of prosecco as they leave the ceremony or arrive from church and will then be able to drink it as it is or add their own extras.

Pimp your prosecco.jpg

Polaroid Camera

Everybody loves dressing up and taking pictures and what better way to remember the fun of the party than to take polaroid snaps that can be put in an album and treasured.

You can hire our camera and order your film then bring in lots of fun accesories for your guests to wear in the pictures.

After all Aunt Sally with a moustache and bowler hat or Grandad in a cowboy hat and pink boa aren't the kind of pictures you get every day!

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